How do you support different learning styles?

As teachers, we are always asked this pertinent question. It’s a valid one.  Many times as educators and parents, we bend over backward to ensure that our students feel and know our support.  Educators know that these supports can come in all shapes and sizes.

Personally, I prefer to keep it simple.  My sanity as a mom, wife, teacher and human being is so critically tied into my job/ jobs.  I need to know that I am doing what is best for my students and my community.  This is why I have them show what they understand in a few basic ways.  They can demonstrate what they know and “can-do” by writing, drawing, telling, filming, or acting. In my eyes, the data shouldn’t be hard to collect or take much time.

Options are vital to this process of differentiation.  Fair doesn’t mean equal.

As a student who was diagnosed with minor “learning disabilities,” I needed those options and often times they weren’t available.  The stress of not knowing how to best accomplish each assignment in a timely manner was sometimes enough to shut me down. Thankfully, I have two dedicated parents who have supported me, sometimes when I may not have deserved it! We made it…… and so can anyone, with support.

Sadly, not every child is as blessed as I am.

I need this reminder all the time.  This is why I write…….

How do you choose to support different learning styles?  How do you remove the stress?

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