A Testimonial from an amazing adult student:
I can​not ​endorse Kristen as a Spanish teacher strongly enough. I’ve taken conversational

Spanish from ​Kristen on sort of a weekly evening basis for the last six months and have absolutely loved it​! The classes are fun, plus filled with smiles (and often laughter!) and a whole lot of learning. But all this is in a low-key, no-pressure way.  She works with people where they are in the arc of their Spanish language learning.

Kristen enthusiastically blends storytelling​, music​, videos, on-line games (both during and post-class) ​​in ​all kinds of different ways ​to get her students engaged, involved, and learning.  She also include links for the days work online for class prep or follow-up.
I really appreciate ​that for the evening classes I’ve been taking, Kristen​ focuses on contextual understanding ​and communication ​
rather than ​trying to get us to perfectly conjugate verbs or similar.  While I’m certain
she’s ​imminently capable of ​teaching perfect Spanish grammar​, that’s NOT what I am after when ​traveling in Mexico, Spain, and Central and South America. I just want to communicate in real life situations!  Kristen has scoped the classes I’m taking with her to do just that.

And, did I mention Kristen is enthusiastic?!

I think the best thing about ​Kristen’s classes is her raw ​and genuine excitement for her students and for teaching Spanish.  She is a true “force of languages​,” if that can be a thing….  ​The teaching Kristen does benefits directly from her goodness, happiness​, ​and love and respect of her students. I could not recommend her more highly.

​– Scott Bischke, Bozeman MT​